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Our Commitment

We are commited to providing the best possible client service. Helping our clients is our first priority and we work very hard to demonstrate this in our delivery of legal services.


Managing your finances can become an insurmountable feat if you are burdened by sudden and unexpected medical bills, a costly divorce or a job loss, or if circumstances have led you to accrue credit card debt that you cannot afford to pay down. There are countless reasons why personal and/or business financial stability can plummet, and when it does, the fastest way to recover may be to file bankruptcy and start over.


Mr. Newton offers his clients one-on-one legal counseling from a lawyer who takes time to learn the details of your situation, and who truly cares about protecting your interests and guiding you out of debt.


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

107 North 2nd Street  Suite C Wilmington, NC 28401

"No flowery words, no extensive prose...just simply a most sincere thank you to everyone in the office who helped us on this journey to get our lives back on track. We are so very grateful!"


"You did a GREAT job! You were orgainzed and kept the process moving. Paul was personally involved, and the back office staff was very knowledgable."


"Your strengths included: Great explanation of details; reassurances through a very trying experience; much patience with questions!"


"Paul, thank you so much for your help. Life is difficult at times, but working with professional people like you makes a huge difference.  I'm thankful I found your Firm to help me."


"Thanks again for all your help! Y'all have lifted a huge weight off my shoulders and I am thankful!"


"Your strengths included maintaining open lines of communication, collaborating to insure the process was seamless, and providing service with the spirit of excellence in a timely manner!"


"You all were very personable, easy to contact/communicate with questions."


"Paul did an excellent job for me concerning my house. He explained everything in a very clear manner, and was thorough with all his work."


"Strong organization and communication. We'd be very comfortable recommending your office to our friends!"


"Always dependable and trustworthy. I love that your staff actually answers the phone! So many lawyers are using voicemail to handle calls."